Say hello to mentoring!

During MTL connect, all participants will have access to mentoring offered in collaboration with Élo for FREE! Currently, the Elo Mentoring community includes more than 3,000 professionals, including hundreds of mentors from all walks of life who are already available to help you reach your professional goals.



  • Develop new skills and deepen your knowledge
  • Climb the ladder, and be five times more likely to receive a promotion
  • Overcome workplace barriers such as stress or time management
  • Define your career goals with an experienced mentor
  • Successfully enter the job market as a graduate or newcomer to your industry
  • Expand your professional network
  • Launch your business with the guidance you need



  • Gain recognition as an expert in your field or industry
  • Be exposed to new ideas and perspectives
  • Develop your leadership and managerial skills without any pressure
  • Share your experience with the next generation
  • Build bridges with a new generation of workers that’s eager to climb the ladder
  • Help others benefit from your vast network
  • Help young workers and entrepreneurs find their footing


Whether you are in the process of career reorientation, looking for support for the economic recovery or just looking for the advice of qualified professionals, mentoring is a valuable tool. During this support, meet a quality community, network, find solutions to your problems and, thanks to the Full Pass, you can continue to benefit from access to this support for the next 6 months after MTL connect!




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