MTL Connecte - La semaine numérique

Connect with the North America market

MTL connect helps you  strengthen the bonds with other local and international digital actors, while putting forward the territories and their expertise.

Participating at MTL connect as a delagation is to:

Showcase the leading companies of your territory

Meet with the local and international digital ecosystem

Attend a major digital event

Expand your professional network

Meet decision makers

Connect with great minds

How to participate?

Map of participants from all over the world – MTL connect 2020

Choose one of the 3 participation options we offer:

Option 1:
International Partner

Tell your story

Option 2:
Leading Partner

Enhance your ecosystem

Option 3:
Delegation Member

Represent your territory

Meet tomorrow's leaders.

They have
joined us

MTL connect's International Network

By choosing one of the 3 options, you can become a member of MTL connect’s International Network to:

Join an International Network

Strengthen community spirit

Represent your company or organization

Benefit from discounted prices

Receive exclusive information

Stay in touch with the members of the International Network

Discuss with institutions partners

Exchange via MTL connect's platform