MTL Connecte - La semaine numérique


MTL connect explores the desirable digital world with the desire to bring together ideas, individuals and organizations,
and to place them at the heart of change.

This year, for MTL connect 2024, we're embracing the theme of "METAMORPHOSIS" to explore how technological advances and innovative collaborations can transform our world. We celebrate the diversity and impact of digital transformation through conferences, panels, and workshops that highlight forward-thinking projects and cross-border collaborations.

Our mission: to inspire and facilitate concrete actions that propel our societies towards new horizons. We seek to establish a platform where every idea, every interaction, and every innovation contributes to a global metamorphosis - transforming the way we live, work, and create, while keeping the human at the center of our actions.

MTL connect 2024 is an opportunity to come together and actively participate in this evolution. Together, we'll explore how emerging technologies, AI, enhanced cybersecurity, innovative education, culture and digital art can combine to forge a promising and inclusive future.

Every initiative becomes a transformation, every voice a driving force, illustrating how action can truly shape the digital future. Join us in this forum of knowledge and business, where every participant becomes a key player in this digital metamorphosis.

Artificial Intelligence

Presented on Wednesday, October 16th, this topic will explore the advancements and potential applications of AI in various fields. Ethical considerations and challenges associated with AI, including bias, governance, and privacy concerns, will also be addressed.

Culture and Creativity

Presented on Wednesday, October 16th, this topic will highlight the impact of technology on cultural and creative industries. The content will explore how technology can enrich artistic and cultural expression, and how creativity can influence technological development.


Presented on Thursday, October 17th, this topic will emphasize the importance of security in an increasingly digital world. It will cover issues related to data protection, digital identity, and emerging threats in cyberspace.

Education and digital inclusion

Presented on Thursday, October 17th, this theme will highlight the importance of equitable access to technology and digital education. It will explore ways to reduce the digital divide and promote digital inclusion to ensure that the benefits of the digital revolution are accessible to all.

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Montreal Digital Week will take place from October 15 to 18, 2024, at the NAD-UQAC school.