Reinvent hybrid meetings with Prezi Video

Reinvent hybrid meetings with Prezi Video

As offices reopen, it’s become abundantly clear that a hybrid work model is the preferred solution. Employees now want both the connection and camaraderie of in-person interactions and the flexibility of remote work.


But one of the biggest challenges in the hybrid work model is how to handle meetings. We’ve all fallen victim to the one-hour meeting with too many attendees and too little guidance and remote employees are relegated to small boxes on a screen in the side of the room, which results in meeting fatigue and a loss of attention and engagement.


To get the most out of hybrid work, you’ll need to create meetings that feel productive and engaging, and don’t waste precious time and resources. The million-dollar question: How?

Cancel all your meetings.


To clarify, we don’t mean you should actually cancel all your meetings; rather, you should cancel the thought process behind the one-hour meeting. Now as more companies adopt the hybrid work model, we need to accommodate in-person and remote workers in meetings by reinventing the meetings and finding ways to keep employees engaged and connected, while still respecting their desire for flexibility. 


Since most meetings will have attendees who are not in the room, hybrid work will be enabled by virtual collaboration tools to allow employees to communicate and collaborate effectively. With virtual presentation software Prezi Video, you can bring human-centric connection to the forefront for better meetings and better overall engagement in the hybrid workplace. You can bring your content onto the screen with you, eliminating the need to screen-share, which increases interactivity and attentiveness. 


“The success of the hybrid office hinges on building more engaging video meetings where all participants play a role,” says Prezi CEO Jim Szafranski. “Most meetings from now on will have someone who isn’t in the room, which means video will serve as the bridge to keep us all together. Just like why broadcasters use graphics, the ability for both presenters and meeting participants to share on-screen content in real time turns meetings into an immersive experience.”


For those meetings that are canceled, you can replace them with asynchronous video updates to keep your team informed on their own time. Prezi Video also allows you to record and share videos that feature you and your content together, for engaging updates that deliver the same value as live meetings.


Read Prezi’s hybrid work guidebook, featuring insights from leaders at Slack, Slido, Zapier, Calendar, Ecamm Network, Acceleration Partners, Missing Link, Remote-how, and more for their tips and insights on building a better meeting for hybrid work. 

If you are interested in learning more about Prezi’s suite of video, presentation, and design products for the most engaging, interactive, and professional-looking way to present and meet over video for your team, contact our sales team.


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