From October 12 to 17, 2021, more than 300 local and international speakers and 10,000 participants gathered in a hybrid format to exchange around digital transformation during MTL connect: Montreal Digital Week. This week was an opportunity to educate, to raise awareness, to learn, to meet, but above all, to imagine a better digital future.

Here are 10 great moments of this amazing edition!

1. Catalyser un futur numérique plus inclusif avec la Francophonie numérique 2022 – 2026 – Content in French only

You want to know more about the strategy of the digital Francophonie and how to accelerate the digital transformation as a vector of human, social and economic development? (Re)discover the conference of Mohammed TraoréDigital and Innovation Advisor of the Secretary General of the Francophonie.

2.  Humans Are The Loop – Workforce Development in the Age of Automation Hypergrowth – Content in English only

Are you passionate about automation or are you worried about it? In order to deal with labor shortages, companies are leaning towards robots more and more. In this conversation, Erik NievesCEO of Plus One Robotics (Port San Antonio, Texas), talks about how automation is transforming warehouses and other logistics operations.

3.  Cybersécurité post-COVID : nouvelle normalité, nouveaux défis – Content in French only

Are you working from home and have been a victim of cybercrime? With remote work, away from organizations’ protected network, it has been easier than ever for cybercriminals to activate ransomware campaigns. In his talk, , Martin BélangerNational Director of Security Solutions at TELUS business, shares his thoughts on how Canadian organizations are dealing with ransomware in these unprecedented and uncertain times.

4. Towards Advanced Air Mobility: Ecological, Social and Economic Challenges – Content in English only

Are you curious about what the air mobility of the future must look like? Find out more about it with scientists from 4 leading regions (Québec, Bavaria, Georgia, São Paulo) in the research of “Advanced Air Mobility”.

5. Futur(s) de l’expérience client post-pandémie – Content in French only

Dynamic stores, virtual concierge… What does the future hold for brands? Will the future of the post-pandemic customer experience involve the growth of their physical stores, their decline or their total reinvention? Discover with Mélanie Roth and François Haguel from Valtech some research conclusions and some innovative concepts you may like to consider with your team.

6. Réinventer le quotidien : l’Afrique face aux défis de la transformation numérique – Content in French only

Are you interested in Africa’s challenges in the era of digital transformation? (Re)watch the debate organized by IDEES-AFRIQUES and the association 10 000 Codeurs with the participation of experts from Benin, Cameroon, Morocco and Senegal.

7. Du virtuel bien réel – Content in French only

Wondering how to protect your virtual projects? Good news! It’s now easier to do so or even to use intellectual property to make a more complete digital shift: applications, video games, virtual or augmented reality, social media, etc. Indeed, in addition to copyright, companies benefit from trademark and industrial design protection better adapted to the digital age. Frédéric Letendre of the law firm YULEX addresses these issues in his conference.

8. The Future of Education post-COVID-19 – Content in English only

Interested in learning more about the future of education post covid-19? We will need to address the inequities highlighted by the pandemic and adapt to the technological needs of contemporary students. Dr. Parin Somani addresses this topic in her lecture.

9. How to master virtual presentations in the hybrid workplace – Content in English only

Want to make your virtual business presentations more dynamic? To persuade someone to think, act and feel differently about a topic, it’s not enough to appear on a video and then share your slides. To truly connect with your audience, you must establish credibility, build trust and appeal to their emotions. (Re)discover practical tips from Spencer WaldronPrezi Marketing Director and Rosanne Bourque.

10. Mieux connaître les comportements des publics avant et pendant la pandémie pour envisager le retour – Content in French only

Public behavior has changed since the pandemic. In order to anticipate what might happen after the health crisis, it’s essential to understand their pre-pandemic behavior. This is what Juliette Denis from Synapse C explains in her conference.

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Events, this environment where everyone knows each other, rubs shoulders in times
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ABP there to make you shine!

Events, this environment where everyone knows each other, rubs shoulders in times
of stress but also during glamorous happy hours!