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City of the future topic presented by TELUS Business :

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Science-fiction stories and movies have long been inventing futuristic cities with flying vehicles and geometric architecture covered in greenery. Could these imagined utopias be a reality in the near future?

When we think of the cities of tomorrow, mobility, sustainability and interconnectivity are core concerns to bring an ideal urban experience to life. The goal: smarter and greener cities. To get there, many changes will have to be made to our existing cities.

Fewer cars. Faster and more efficient public transportation. More pedestrian streets and bicycle lanes. Energetically self-sufficient buildings. Infrastructures with integrated green spaces. Interactive installations. Wifi networks available everywhere. Imagine that!

In terms of urban planning and development, what are the challenges linked to the implementation of these innovations?

Attend the panels and conferences held under the City of the Future theme to find out!

Meet our speakers!

Franco Amalfi is Strategic Business Manager, Public Sector at Google Cloud Canada. Franco also authors, publishes white papers and articles on leveraging technology to drive business value for governments. He is also a frequent speaker at government conferences. He is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal and has completed an Advanced Certificate for Executives in Management, Innovation, and Technology at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge.

Jean-Pierre Poinsignon – Onepoint : Connect Building

Julia Stamm – The Future projects : Co-creating the Future of Governance

Ignasi Fontanals – Rezilio Technologie : How to relaunch a new structural and smart resilience?

Stéphanie Bacquere – Sia Partners : Design Thinking for societal issues


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