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We’re here to help you navigate the MTL connect online platform with a multitude of tools and resources provided below to guarantee you great user experience. Our tutorial video will give you a detailed walkthrough of all available features in MTL connect 2020 online platform.

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Attendee Start Guide

Here is a guide to give you a very basic overview of how to access the MTL connect online platform. This document barely scratches the surface about the many interactive features in the platform, so we encourage you to learn more in the videos and content on this page.

Video Tutorial Library —

Here you will find short tutorial videos explaining how to navigate the online platform.

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How To edit My profile

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Main Stage and Programming Session

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Speakers and Smart Networking

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Consulting Clinics

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Tech Zone

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e-Job Fair

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Speed Meeting

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Express Coaching

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Discussion Groups

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Live Chat Support

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My Agenda

Frequently Asked Questions —


You will log in to MTL connect Online using the email address you used to register for the event when you purchased. An email with details on how to log in will be sent approximately one week prior to the event. If you register a few days before the event, your login link will be sent to you 24 to 48 hours after you register.

Click on the email sent magic sign-in link to connect to the online platform. Once you have created your password, you will arrive in the platform’s home menu.

Please note that participant accounts are limited to a single user and will be locked if shared with multiple users.

Once you are in the home menu, click on My Profile in the menu. In order to maximize your chances of receiving connection requests from other participants, we highly recommend that you add your photo and information. This will ensure a better user experience for everyone.

Public profile information, accessible by all participants of the event:

First name, Name, Function, Secondary function, Company, Biography, Social Networks (if completed), Skills (if completed)

Private information, accessible by the participants with whom you are connected (connection or meeting request sent and accepted or received and accepted & badge scanned) :

First name, Name, Function, Company, Biography, Social Networks (if completed), Skills (if completed), E-mail, Telephone (if completed), Address (if completed)

You will need an Internet connection and a web browser. We recommend high-speed Internet for a better visual experience.

We strongly recommend that you participate in the event using a compatible web browser, which includes the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Note: Internet Explorer is not recommended.

If you wish to attend the event via your cell phone, you will need to download the MTL connect application via Google Play store or Apple App store.

Click on My Agenda in the home menu:
1. My schedule: find all sessions added to favorites.

2. My meetings: find requests for appointments made with exhibitors, organizations and other participants.

3. My networking: find all your established connections with other participants.

4. My bookmarked companies: find exhibitors and organizations added to favorites.

Once you have prepared your visit to the event, you will be able to export your selection to your calendar application or in PDF file for printing in Export.


It depends on your pass type:

  • FULL PASS: gives you access to the 9 thematic Pavilions: Cybersecurity and Digital Identity • AI, IoT and 4.0 • FinTech • City of the Future • Creativity – ISEA2020 • Health • Education • The Future of Work • Sustainable development. And also to the HOLT Fintech Show and Festival du Monde.

  • THEMATIC PAVILION: gives you access to one of the following Pavilions: Cybersecurity and Digital Identity • AI, IoT and 4.0 • FinTech • City of the Future • Health • Education  • Future of Work • Sustainable development. And also to the HOLT Fintech Show and Festival du Monde.
    Please note that to attend the Creativity Pavilion – ISEA2020 you must either purchase a Full Pass or go directly to the ISEA2020 registration.

  • DISCOVERY PASS: free. Take the opportunity to get a free overview of MTL connect. Access to: main stage, Tech ZONE and e-Job Fair included. And also to the HOLT Fintech Show and Festival du Monde.

Please note that only Full Pass holders will have access to ISEA2020.

To view live content, please click on LIVE – Main Stage. You can also ask your questions live and interact with other participants and speakers.

For other content, click on Programming: you can then filter the content by date, by theme, by pavilion or by type of activity.

You can save the sessions of your choice by adding them to your agenda. You will also find suggestions for content you might like, related to your favorite topics and themes.

Please note that the posted session times are based on the EDT time zone so please take YOUR time zone into consideration.

Yes, if you purchased a Full Pass, you will be able to access the content up to 6 months after the end of the event.

Note: This does not apply to Thematic Passes or Discovery Passes.

When you log in to the MTL connect Online platform, all the events you have registered for via Swapcard will be displayed on your welcome page. Simply click on the ISEA2020 event to access the complete schedule. When browsing through several events, you can click on My Profile and My Events to access your other events.

Note: Only holders of the Full Pass have access to ISEA2020, the Creativity Pavilion of MTL connect.


You can interact with other attendees in a variety of ways: make contacts, send messages, organize video conferences, write in open discussion groups by topic, communicate with exhibitors via their virtual booths, book meetings with other attendees and live question-and-answer sessions.

Several options:

  • Smart networking: the platform suggests connections with other participants according to your common interests. Alternatively, you can also search for keywords in My Matchmaking to get better recommendations. You can also choose to be visible or not to other participants in the Manage my visibility section.
  • Speakers: Click on the session of your choice; the description will display the speaker(s) for the session. Otherwise, go directly to the Speakers menu. You can then send them a connection request by clicking on the Connect with button.

Several virtual booths offer you the possibility to make appointments with the exhibitors: Expert Consultation Clinics, Tech Zone, e-Job Fair, Express Coaching, or Delegations. Simply choose the organization/exhibitor you are interested in and select a schedule in Book a meeting. Alternatively, you can also write them a message in the menu on the right-hand side of your screen in Contact this company.

You can see your pending or confirmed meetings in the My Agenda button and then by clicking on the My Meetings tab. You can cancel a confirmed or pending meeting by clicking Cancel Request (if it was pending) or Cancel Meeting (if it was confirmed).

You will also be able to decide on your availability in this tab.For example, if you wish to make yourself unavailable on certain meeting slots created by the organizer of your event, you simply have to click on Make unavailable.

The unavailable slots will no longer be displayed on your profile and other participants will no longer be able to book meeting with you on these slots. Click on Make Available to make available a slot that you have made unavailable.

Meeting notifications

Automatic notifications are sent when you receive a meeting request, but also as a reminder a few minutes before the meeting starts as a reminder. Similarly, when you cancel a meeting, your contact will be notified.


Several options are possible :

1. Outside the platform: simply buy a Full Pass or Thematic Pass directly on the registration page.

2. In the platform: you can either click on the Upgrade your pass banner in the home menu or, by going to Live Chat Support in the home menu, and by clicking on Access-Ticketing.

Click on e-Job Fair in the main menu to view job postings. When a job posting interests you, click on it to view the description and terms. You can then click on the name of the organization, and either request an appointment or write a private message specifying the job offer you are interested in. The organization will then be able to start an interview process with you, if your profile matches the criteria of the job posting.

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