PRO programming: October, 17 to 21, 2022
General public programming: October, 15 to 23, 2022

Montreal, September 9th,  2022 — With a 4th edition under the theme of ECO(Systems) of HopeMTL connect: Montreal Digital Week promises you a program that shakes up ideas and moves towards a desirable digital future that generates wealth and resilience for our ecosystems. Join us from October 15 to 23, 2022, in Montreal and online, and see how other actors are putting digital technology to work for a desirable future and be part of the builders of tomorrow’s digital world!

115 experts from here and abroad, 60 moments in the form of conferences, panels and masterclasses.

Monday October 17th

MTL connect showcase + MTL Tech awards
Solutions through technological networking between organizations and startups
and the international innovation competition.
7 Fingers, Montreal

Tuesday, October 18th

Artificial Intelligence
Can A.I. become benevolent? 
+ Culture and Creativity
Cultural transformation as social cement.
7 Fingers, Montreal

Wednesday, October 19th

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity
Computer breaches, data leaks, how to secure our digital future?

+ Disruptive Innovations
When technology changes our daily lives.
7 Fingers, Montreal

Thursday, October 20th

Education and Work of Tomorrow
Equal opportunities, from school to work.
+ Resilience and Future of the City
Climate change, depletion of resources, collapse of life…
can digital technology be part of the solution?

7 Fingers, Montreal

Friday, October 21st

Techno-cultural visits
Different locations – Montreal

Sunday, October 16th

Symphony concert by Orchestre 21
Stopovers from yesterday to tomorrow – Reinventing the user experience with technology.
Salle Claude-Champagne, University of Montreal

Friday, October 21st

OCTOV @ MTL connect
Evening of performance art
SAT, Montreal

Tuesday 18th to Sunday 30th, October
[An extra week!] 
ECO(Systems) of Hope exhibition
Anteism, 435 Beaubien Street W. Montreal


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