Artistic program: Culture & Creativity

50 artists, emerging, mid-career or established!

Opening night - October 11th at SAT

18:00 - 19:30

1st part

AKOUSMA will be presenting immersive first worldwide performances, in the framework of the festival’s 30th anniversary, specifically for MTL connect opening. Discover the exclusive performances of the following artists :

Simon Chioini Line Katcho / Guillaume Cliche / Myriam Bleau / Sandrine Deumier

Espace SAT
20:00 - 23:30

2nd part

Montreal Digital Spring will present an audiovisual performance by the Montreal-based collective:

Stereolux will present audio visual performances by:

Alex Augier / Maud Geffray / Louisahhh B2B Maelstrom

Keynote speakers, panels, workshops

October 12 to 15
online from NAD School
and Concordia University




In partnership with Concordia University – 12 to 15 October

A hybrid program with panels, workshops and online performances presented in collaboration with Milieux, Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology, 4th space, as well as other researchers and research poles at Concordia University.

Artists and researchers: Courtney Asztalos / Amber Berson / Rebeca Dziedzic / Roger Griffith / Alice Isac / Kelly Jazvac / Ann-Louise Davidson / Jill Didur / Stefanie Duguay / Marco Luna / Nadia Naffi / Mazdak Nik-Bakht / Alison Powell / Mohamed Ouf / Zachary Patterson / Sherry Phillips et Lorena Rios Mendoza / Tanja Tajmel / Sarah Turner

3 online

Video // Play


A travelling program displayed from October 12th to 17th

PN Brussels and PN Montreal will present a moving video programme, prepared with outreach, accessibility and COVID-19 safety measures in mind: October 12-16 2021, two trucks equipped with large LED screens will be in transit around these cities showcasing the works of 10 Belgian and Canadian artists.

Artists: Laura Acosta & Santiago Tavera / Pascale Barret / Frederik De Wilde / Milena Desse / LarbitsSisters / Eva L’Hoest / Frances Adair Mckenzie et Alisha Piercy / Rojin Shafiei / Camille Turner / Sarah Wendt et Pascal Dufaux

Live version in Brussels

October 14, Expo – Palais 11, Brussels, Belgium

In collaboration with PN Brussels: two collectives, ALEA(s) from Brussels and from Montreal will create two audiovisual performances that will be presented for the first time in Brussels.

Soirée de fermeture - 17 octobre à 20h

en personne

À la maison de la culture Côte-des-neiges

Pour les montréalais, ceci est votre dernière chance d’expérimenter deux performances audiovisuelles immersives par Myriam Bleau et ALEA(s).

Cet événement est gratuit, mais le nombre de places est limité! Réservez maintenant!

Directrice artistique : Erandy Vergara-Vargas

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