How can artificial intelligence help your organization develop to its full potential?

Running a business isn’t easy. When you start a business, you want it to shine and grow smoothly.

But for this to work – and last – it’s not uncommon to have to work day and night to make it happen. Building a tightly-knit team, having a solid customer base and developing a positive brand image is a daunting task to say the least, and it never truly ends.

What if we told you that to get there (and be able to sleep at night), artificial intelligence is the solution?

After over a year of R&D, we’ve officially launched Obi, V3 Stent’s virtual assistant.

In collaboration with our team of experts, Obi will support you in your daily tasks in order to promote your business. Whether it’s generating qualified leads, recruiting top talent or planning social media campaigns that will propel your business, Obi’s your best asset.

And the best part?

Obi will be at your side everywhere you go, on your smartphone, tablet and computer. This way, you’ll be able to manage your different Propulsion, Talent or Employee Advocacy modules, as well as your LinkedIn inbox, no matter where you are!

The V3 Stent advantage

Even if you’re wary of AI technology, don’t worry: Obi will make your life easier. We’ve designed our modules and our application to save you time.

Is recruiting taking you way too much time? The Talent module gives you the ability to simplify your recruitment based on the criteria most important to you. Our artificial intelligence provides you with the best candidates in the form of a ranking that will present you with the right person.

Finding it difficult to create lasting business relationships? The Propulsion module allows you to connect with the best qualified prospects. Thanks to proven targeting and connection management, V3 Stent gets the conversation going with the right people for your business. And to simplify your life even more, we’ve made sure that your new contacts can easily be integrated into all CRMs.

Want to see how artificial intelligence powered by V3 Stent can help your business?

Get a free demo!


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