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A young start-up in the digital media industry in Quebec, Henkel Media stands out for its desire to put people at the forefront. Founded in 2018 from the passion of a renowned businesswoman, the media speaks of the challenges of today’s entrepreneurs and supports them towards tomorrow’s solutions. It fosters inclusive, responsible and engaged entrepreneurship. Inspire, create, broadcast: that is its mandate.   

The media is the culmination of the work of influence of Danièle Henkel, famous entrepreneur above all, but also an author, speaker, board administrator of numerous committees and councils, and investor in promising projects on the famous Radio-Canada Television program, “dans l’oeil du dragon” (Quebec’s Dragon’s Den). The family-owned company, which the businesswoman founded more than 30 years ago, has become a leader in its industry. Ms. Henkel is undoubtedly a key figure in Canadian entrepreneurship.   

Wherever she goes, she has become a public icon, in Quebec and internationally, she connects with entrepreneurs and tells their stories. In this digital age, the media is naturally the voice of the business community.   

Her daughter, Nawel Mahieddine, driven by the family’s passion for entrepreneurship and sensitive to the world of communication, came to give a boost and a youthful wind to Henkel media. Close collaborator of her mother, she runs the media with a business model of her own: dynamic, evolutionary, and open to the world. Strong family values are reflected through the choices of publishing: relevant content, which helps to find solutions to the challenges of business people. It inspires, motivates and carries high the banner of human values so that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are more unified and caring.

Henkel Media creates, produces, and distributes video, audio and written content highlighting stories, experiences, portraits, testimonials and solutions to start a business or support those who work in the vast world of entrepreneurship.    

With its rich network of collaborators and experts, Henkel Media enlivens, informs, guides, connects, gathers and is keen on assembling and complementing projects.

Henkel Media builds bridges and supports human leaders, who in turn will make informed decisions and pave the way for younger generations. Henkel Media accelerates the evolution of entrepreneurs.


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