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About Pixsenses

Pixsenses is a Québec-based company that has been working in the field of new technologies for several years. It specializes in the design of various spectacular and immersive audiovisual projects. Going from the design of immersive sets to the production of augmented or virtual reality applications, the company offers a variety of products to a very wide corporate audience.
Our mission is to design our creations with the viewer or the user at the center of our achievements. Each digital work is put together through a rigorous production process ensuring the delivery of a personalized and unique experience every time.

Since its founding in 2016, Pixsenses has delivered many projects including the closing party of Printemps Numérique’s SOLSTICE in 2017 where we produced responsive and adaptive visual content connected to musical performances on stage in real time. In addition, during this event, Pixsenses also presented their Hackathon 375’s winning project: MONTREAL 375 VR. The project was a mobile application for iOS and Android systems that allowed people who did not have access to the 375th anniversary festivities of the city of Montreal to experience them in
virtual reality using their mobile device. Thus, it allowed them to be completely immersed in the festive environment of the city.

Finally, the Pixsenses’ team has carried out many projects such as Xplore, a series of educational card games joined with an augmented reality companion app, the Virtual Zone, an immersive virtual world allowing the organization of events, KickSenses, an interactive soccer game and more!

Visit the company’s website for more information on these projects!

Pixsenses’ presence at MTL connect

It is with great pleasure that Pixsenses will be present during MTL connect, an event presented by Printemps Numérique which will take place from October 12th to the 17th! As part of the event, Pixsenses will contribute to the visual design of the premises in addition to being present on site with a photobooth and an interactive kiosk. At the event’s main entrance, you will find the PixBooth, an interactive photobooth that will capture a souvenir photo of MTL connect’s visitors in the form of an animated gif. Then, on the sixth floor, you will find the company’s kiosk as well as two activities: an augmented reality experience and an interactive experience. Do not hesitate to go and have a look there to live those experiences!


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