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Montreal, September 27, 2021 ― Montreal Digital Spring (PN) unveils its virtual and on-site artistic programme for its 3rd edition, presented from October 12 to October 17, 2021, part of the Culture and Creativity topic, presented by Synapse C, of MTL connect: Montreal Digital Week.

This year, MTL connect brings together 50 established, mid-career and emerging artists, as well as speakers for in-person and online performances, panels, keynote presentations, video projections and workshops.

This edition highlights audiovisual works created around 2020-2021, a time period that has brought unique perspectives in the context of a global pandemic. These works will explore a range of themes such as social interactions and new ways of projecting ourselves into the future.

Montreal Digital Spring, in keeping with its core artistic vision, works closely with local and international organizations and artists to create, rethink and act on pressing issues that impact our communities in Montreal, Canada and beyond.


October 11 | SAT (Société des arts technologiques)

Montreal Digital Spring is thrilled to celebrate the third edition of MTL connect. We invite everyone to the SAT for the opening party!

1st part // Satosphère – 6pm – 7.30pm

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, AKOUSMA will present a series of immersive performances, curated specifically for MTL connect opening night. Discover cutting-edge audiovisual creations by:

Simon Chioini  Line Katcho / Guillaume Cliche
/ Myriam Bleau & Sandrine Deumier 

2nd part // Espace SAT : 8pm – 11.30pm

Montreal Digital Spring presents an immersive audiovisual performance
by the Montreal-based collective:

In collaboration with Stereolux (Nantes, France), we invite you to embark on a rhythmic journey with three live performances and DJ sets by French artists: 

Alex Augier / Maud Geffray / Louisahhh B2B Maelstrom

Depending on capacity, VIP passes holders will have access to the opening night by pre-booking. First come, first served.


October 12 – 15 | online

Presented by Synapse C

Following the organization of ISEA2020 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), we feel re-energized and eager to share a series of conversations with influential thinkers engaging in urgent issues such as the aesthetics, ethics and politics of digital technologies and the digital world for local and international audiences. This programme will be streamed online from the NAD and Concordia University.


October 12 – 10am

“You, Me and Everyone We Know: Negotiating the Digital after Covid-19”
Omar Kholeif (Sharjah Art Foundation, Gouvernement de Sharjah, UAE) in conversation with Cheryl Sim (Phi Foundation, Montreal)

October 14 – 12.10pm

“A Unique Examination of the Civic Use, Regulation, and Politics of Communication and Data Technologies”
Alison Powell (London School of Economics and Political Science – Director of the JUST AI Network at Ada Lovelace Institute)

October 15 – 2.15pm

Panel: “The Future of the “Emerging” Art Scene in Montreal in a Post-Pandemic Context
Frances Adair Mckenzie et Alisha Piercy / Rojin Shafiei / Timothy Thomasson

October 15 – 2.20pm

“The Future of International Media Art Festivals”
Christl Baur (Head of Ars Electronica Festival) in conversation with Paula Perissinotto (Co-Founder and Organizer, FILE Festival)


October 12 – 17 | On-site Moving Programme

Montreal Digital Spring in partnership with The Digital Spring in Brussels and Milieux (Concordia University) will present a video programme, prepared with outreach, accessibility, and COVID-19 safety measures in mind.

From October 12 to 17 2021, two trucks equipped with large LED screens will transit around these cities showcasing the works of thirteen Belgian and Canadian artists.

Laura Acosta & Santiago Tavera / Pascale Barret / Jacqueline Beaumont / Stephanie E. Creaghan / Frederik De Wilde / Milena Desse / Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe / Gina Hara / LarbitsSisters / Eva L’Hoest / Diyar Mayil / Frances Adair Mckenzie et Alisha Piercy / Rojin Shafiei / Camille Turner / Nien Tzu Weng / Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux


MTL connect will host three workshops aiming to instigate collaboration between local and international media art festivals, galleries, museums, and artists-run spaces. These workshops are by invitation only. The goal is to create visibility opportunities for Montreal-based artists while providing a platform of exchange among local and international curators and organizations. Our international guests include Ars Electronica, FILE festival, and the Whitney Museum.


A hybrid programme of panels, workshops, and online performances will be presented in collaboration with Milieux, institute for arts, culture and technology, 4th space, and other researchers and research clusters from Concordia.

Artists and researchers:
Courtney Asztalos / Amber Berson / Rebeca Dziedzic / Roger Griffith / Alice Isac / Kelly Jazvac / Ann-Louise Davidson / Jill Didur / Stefanie Duguay / Marco Luna / Nadia Naffi / Mazdak Nik-Bakht / Alison Powell / Mohamed Ouf / Zachary Patterson / Sherry Phillips et Lorena Rios Mendoza / Tanja Tajmel / Sarah Turner

3 online performances:

October 13, 10am – Online

A networked live coding performance by the #supercontinent ensemble
Celeste Betancur / Jessica Rodriguez / Abinhay Khoparzi / Melandri Laubscher Mynah Marie / Chiho Oka / Shelly Knotts / Eldad Tsabary

October 14, 5pm – Online

A screening of Personal Pandemic, a digital mini-opera
by the RISE project (2021)

Fredericka Petit-Homme / Marie-Annick Béliveau / Naïka Champagne / Tim Brady / John Sobol / Olivia McGilChrist / Ayam Yaldo / Deanna Yerichuk / Cynthia Kinnunen / Alana Devito / Elena Stoodley / Eldad Tsabary

October 16, 5pm – Online

A telematic collective improvisation by the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)
Alana DeVito / Pablo Geeraert / Xi Lu / Pat McMaster / Mario Verlarde / Dorian Bell / Eldad Tsabary


October 17, 8pm

For Montrealers, this is your last chance to experience two immersive audiovisual performances by Myriam Bleau and ALEA(s). This event is free, but only a limited number of tickets are available due to capacity restrictions. Book now!


October 14 – Expo – Palais 11, Brussels, Belgium

In collaboration with The Digital Spring of Brussels, Montreal Digital Spring invited two collectives: ALEA(s) from Brussels and from Montreal, in order to create two audiovisual performances that will be presented for the first time in Brussels. Stay tuned for more details!

Programming Partners:
/ Stereolux Concordia University / Milieux / 4th Space / Maison de la culture Côte de NeigesMaison de la culture Claude-Léveillée / SAT


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