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Cybersecurity and digital identity presented by Deloitte :

Deloitte Cyber has led the way — in practice and in thought leadership — through every era of cyber risk, from compliance to resilience to complexity. As a worldwide leader in cyber strategy consulting and cyber intelligence, Deloitte offers a fully customizable suite of cyber solutions and managed services.

With the acceleration of global interconnectivity comes the proliferations of security threats. Data theft can happen so fast and cause major problems. After this kind of cyberattack, a lot of time and money is required to identify the culprits. Luckily, artificial intelligence can help identify the sources of danger more quickly to reduce the cost and time that is usually necessary for such a task.

That being said, the best solution will always be risk prevention. Do you know how to protect your digital assets? Are you able to identify potential cyberthreats?

Many solutions exist to protect our data such as biometric identification and multi-factor authentication. However, technology and cyberthreats continue to evolve and our protection methods must keep up. This is why cybersecurity must remain at the center of our preoccupations so we can create a secure digital ecosystem for all.

Do you want to know how to establish or improve a cybersecurity strategy? Be there during the conferences of our experts on the matter!

Meet our speakers!

Amir Belkhelladi, leads the Canadian Cyber Risk Services team at Deloitte and has nearly 20 years of cybersecurity experience, focusing on strategic consulting and leading major global cybersecurity services transformation programs. Prior to joining Deloitte, Belkhelladi worked at Accenture France as a security services leader, and previously worked at Lloyds Bank as chief security architect, and as chief technology officer for operations.

Florian Robert – Google Cloud : Cybersecurity and Digital Identity in the cloud era – Why & How?

Sylvain Viau – Division Security International – DSI : Strategic Approach to Cyber Defense Orchestration

Rémikya Hellal – Lambda consulting firm : Security assessment of connected objects

Guillaume Bourcy – TeleSign Inc. : Future of Digital Identity


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