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ECO(Systems) of Hope

MTL connect

MTL connect is an event with an international scope which seeks to discuss the issues and challenges related to digital transformation at the social, economic, and environmental level. By digital transformation we mean: “the cultural, organizational and operational change of an organization, sector or ecosystem through the intelligent integration of digital technologies, processes and skills at all levels and functions in a phased manner and strategic.”

The main constant of this latest pandemic remains change. Adapting, modifying, transforming to suit a reality that has been turned upside down, questioning our models of thoughts and our perspectives. This crisis, initiating a collective process of unprecedented scope to find solutions inevitably, found some of the answers coming from digital technology. The central theme of MTL connect 2022, ECO(Systems) of Hope, is an invitation to imagine the actions we must all collectively engage in.

We challenge the meaning of a transition to a prosperous future and the path that technologies should take. The pandemic may have been just one symptom. The collapse of life as we know it could be another. It has become imperative to imagine digital ecosystems that will allow us to adapt and open the horizons of possibilities for the world of tomorrow. 

In which ways can digital advances help us move towards a more resilient urban structure? How can technology and digital tools lead us towards new solutions to climate change? How do we build the future of education and work, in resonance  with new technological perspectives? How do we ensure the protection of our data in an increasingly connected world? How do we envision the future of the creative and cultural sectors? How to develop benevolent technologies? How can we mobilize all the sectors involved in digital technology in order to create together ECO(Systems) of Hope.

Which ECO(Systems) do we wish for? We might find the response in these ECO(Systems) of Hope. Ecosystems with collective and committed thinking in an open, inclusive and unifying approach that place ideas, individuals and organizations at the heart of the transition. 

This new edition questions the present tendencies and directs its programming towards the ideal digital, generator of wealth and development for our territories: a digitalisation with a social, ecological and ethical scope; a digital for the world of tomorrow. The central theme of this 4th edition of MTL connect: Montreal Digital Week is ECO(SYSTEMS) OF HOPE.

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2022 Topics:

Artificial Intelligence

Culture and Creativity

and Digital Identity

Disruptive innovations

Resilience and
future of the city

Education and
work of tomorrow