MTL Connecte - La semaine numérique

Welcome to the RENAISSANCE!

Together, let’s ditch uncertainty and the fear of the unknown, and let’s get ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

In the context of the current pandemic, we've seen a massive growth of digital transformation in all areas: governments, companies, civil societies and individuals.

Nowadays it's essential to go beyond the resilience and experience an important transformation era which announces a renewal, a paradigm shift towards a prosperous future. This year, we will discuss the following topics:

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

Global interconnectivity is accelerating. Unprecedented security risks and threats undermine confidence and growth. What is the state of the cybersecurity situation? Meanwhile, projects around digital identification are multiplying. Biometrics, facial recognition and multi-factor authentication help build trust online, but our personal data continues to be used commercially. How can we protect our digital assets?

Sustainable Development

Digital technology now makes it possible to better design ecological policies, to measure pollution and climate change. Yet, although invisible to the naked eye, digital pollution is very real. How can technological innovations help us create environmentally and socially responsible prosperity?

City of the Future

The city is undergoing a metamorphosis. The pandemic has exacerbated the challenges it faces. Whether in terms of habitability, mobility, culture, infrastructures, or economic development. How can we learn from the past to face tomorrow’s challenges? How can technology help meet these challenges?

Robotics, IoT and 4.0

RaaS (Robot as a service) soon in a factory near you! The 4th industrial revolution is accelerating, induced by innovations related to the Internet of Things, digital technologies, cobotics, augmented reality, 5G, quantum computing, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, etc. Where are we now and what does the future hold?

FinTech and E-commerce

The past year has greatly benefited the FinTech industry and e-commerce. What are the new opportunities and threats? What are the impacts of the transformation of our purchasing habits on the value chain and local economy?

Future of Education

The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of technological solutions in education. These innovations are radically transforming the way of teaching. Should the current model of education be reviewed? How to ensure that technological innovations do not accentuate social inequities?

Artificial Intelligence

The influence of AI is growing: from self-driving cars to cancer detection, with the potential to positively impact humanity. And on the other hand, AI threatens to eliminate millions of jobs and increase social inequities. What are the advances in AI this year? How to ensure that algorithms make the right decisions without bias? How to guide this technology to become truly intelligent and improve human capabilities?

Future of Work

The pandemic has disrupted the work environment and accelerated its transformation while also greatly changing its relational aspects. What is the state of play and what are the lessons to be learned? What changes are to be expected in the workplace? How can digital technology help us in this transition?

Culture and Creativity

The COVID-19 pandemic has had both dramatic and frightening impacts on the cultural world and creative industries. At the same time, the dematerialization of cultural content and its dissemination on digital platforms continued to disrupt the distribution methods, dissemination and access to content. How can we reinvent ourselves in this context? How can we make better use of data culture? What are the new business models that can ensure the sustainability of cultural and creative industries?

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The third edition of MTL connect: Montreal Digital Week will take place in a hybrid format from October 12 to 17, 2021.