MTL Connecte - La semaine numérique


MTL connect questions the present tendencies and directs its programming towards an ideal digital world, generator of wealth and development for our territories.

The main constant of this latest pandemic remains change. Adapting, modifying, transforming to suit a reality that has been turned upside down, questioning our models of thoughts and our perspectives. This crisis, initiating a collective process of unprecedented scope to find solutions inevitably, found some of the answers coming from digital technology. The central theme of MTL connect 2022, ECO(Systems) of Hope, is an invitation to imagine the actions we must all collectively engage in.

We challenge the meaning of a transition to a prosperous future and the path that technologies should take. The pandemic may have been just one symptom. The collapse of life as we know it could be another. It has become imperative to imagine digital ecosystems that will allow us to adapt and open the horizons of possibilities for the world of tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence

AI's influence is increasing: from autonomous cars to cancer detection, with the potential to positively impact humanity. But on the other side, AI threatens to eliminate millions of jobs and increase social inequalities. How do we ensure that algorithms make the right decisions without bias? How do we guide this technology to become truly intelligent and enhance human capabilities?

Culture and Creativity

The pandemic has dramatically and disturbingly transformed the cultural sector and the creative industries. At the same time, the dematerialization of cultural content and its dissemination on digital platforms have continued to disrupt the modes of distribution, dissemination and access to contents. How do we reinvent ourselves in this context? How can we make the most of the data culture? What are the new business models that can ensure the sustainability of cultural and creative industries?

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

Global interconnectivity is accelerating. Unprecedented security risks and threats are undermining trust and growth. What is the state of play in Cybersecurity? Meanwhile, projects around digital identification are multiplying. Biometrics, facial recognition and multi-factor authentication help build trust online, but our personal data continues to be commercially exploited. How do we protect our digital assets?

Disruptive innovations

Disruptive innovations offer us the opportunity to look to the future: they are all about accepting change. The digital transition generates a break with current markets to create new ones. How can new and future technologies contribute to the coexistence of the digital transition and the ecological transition? What technologies do we want to see in the next few years that could have positive impacts on our ecosystems and our community?

Resilience & Future of the city

Faced with the metamorphosis of our cities and territories, which are increasingly vulnerable, it is becoming imperative to adapt collectively. Digital technology allows us to better design ecological policies, to measure pollution and climate change. What technologies should we turn to to help the ecological and energy transition? How can technological innovations help us create an ecologically and socially responsible prosperity?

Education and work of tomorrow

The pandemic has transformed not only the educational world but also the professional world. We are now facing innovations that are transforming the way we teach and the relational aspects of the workplace. What kind of transformations can we expect? How can digital technology help us in this transition? How can we ensure that technological innovations do not exacerbate social inequities?

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